Fang Nan

Visiting Scholar


Fang Nan is an associate professor at the Institute of Comprehensive Social Governance, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, China. She received her PhD from Beijing Normal University and was a post-doctoal researcher for two years at the School of Public Management, Tsinghua University. Her research focuses on family and child social policy, child welfare and protection, and NGO governance.

Dr. Nan has worked closely with professionals in social welfare departments and NGOs at various levels to promote the quality and coverage of child welfare and protection services across Mainland China. Her recent projects include “Comparative Research on the Construction of China's Child-friendly Communities and their Supporting Policy System” (2021 – 2024), “Child Welfare and Protection Mechanisms: Highlighting the Characteristics of Beijing as the Capital of China” (2022), and “Global Experiences of Public Services and Community Support for Families with Children and Inspirations for China’s Policymaking” (2021).

Dr. Nan is a visiting scholar at Columbia School of Social Work from October 2022 to September 2023. During the visiting period, she will carry out a research project entitled “A Comparative Study of Models for Building a Child-Friendly Community.”

Columbia Affiliations
China Center for Social Policy