Poverty & Social Assistance

This research investigates the causes and consequences of poverty and assesses the effectiveness of social assistance policies and programs in addressing poverty in China as well as in other countries such as South Korea and Vietnam.

This research uses large-scale survey datasets to understand the targeting performance, anti-poverty effectiveness, and impacts of social assistance policies and programs on family consumption, human capital investment, social participation, citizens’ assessment of government performance, and subjective well-being of participants. Poverty is estimated based on multiple poverty lines and using a variety of measures including income, consumption, assets, subjective well-being, social capabilities, and multidimensional poverty. Special emphases are placed on vulnerable populations such as children and the elders as well as welfare-to-work transition.

Current lab members working on the project: Qin Gao, Huawei Han, Sam Han, Qianfeng LinYi WangSui Yang, Fuhua Zhai, and Shu Zeng.


Columbia Affiliations
China Center for Social Policy