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于2012年启动的纽约居民生活质量追踪研究 (the New York City Longitudinal Survey of Wellbeing) 项目旨在了解并追踪纽约居民的生活质量及其变化。亚裔是纽约市近年来增长最快的少数族裔,目前占纽约居民的14%。在亚裔美国人中,华裔是最大的群体。从2020年开始,本研究特别扩大华裔在调查样本中所占的比例,以求更详尽地了解纽约市华裔居民的情况,更准确地描述纽约华裔移民的生活状况。


Recent News

July 17, 2020

Qin Gao Quoted in the Financial Times on China’s Race to Beat Poverty

As the Chinese government approaches its deadline for eradicating rural poverty by the end of 2020, Dr. Qin Gao, Professor and Columbia University’s founding director of the China Center for Social Policy, is a sought-after expert by various international media outlets. On June 25, Qin Gao was quoted in a feature report in the Financial Times that “the government is determined to achieve this goal.

July 04, 2020

New Publication Examines COVID-19 as a Capability Crisis from a Global Perspective

COVID-19 has been one of the most substantial challenges to human development in over a century. In a new publication, Qin Gao, Professor and Director of the Columbia China Center for Social Policy, joins a team of international interdisciplinary scholars to examine the impacts of COVID-19 and understand policy challenges using a capability framework.

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