Racial Discrimination Intensified while the Pandemic Subsided: Experiences of Chinese New Yorkers during 2020-2022

Qin Gao
Xiaofang Liu

Undergraduates’ Behavior and Experiences of Internet Game Addiction: A Qualitative Case Study of CCNU

2020 International Conference on Information Science and Education


Foundations of Gerontological Social Work Practice in Taiwan(4th Edition)

Pei Shan Yang
Ada C. Mui

Economic development collaboration in public administration research: A systematic literature review.

Racial Discrimination Has Changed the Daily Lives of Many Chinese Americans in New York City and California during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Qin Gao
Xiaofang Liu

A Tri-Country Analysis of the Effects of White Supremacy in Mental Health Practice and Proposed Policy Alternatives.

Kristen M. Folkerts, Isra Merchant, Chenxi Yang


Double Pandemic: Discrimination Experiences of New Yorkers of Chinese Descent During COVID-19

Qin Gao
Xiaofang Liu


Research Status, Theoretical Hotspots and Cooperation Networks of Social Security: CiteSpace Analysis Based on Articles Reprinted in Social Security System from 2011 to 2019

Fangzhou Li
Hao Zhang
Jia Qin
Lei Wang
Keqing Han

Challenges of Social Assistance to Family Support Ethics in China

Keqing Han
Fangzhou Li

The Belt, Road and Beyond: State-Mobilized Globalization in China 1998-2018

Min Ye


China: An International Journal

China: An International Journal

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