Fuhua Zhai



Dr. Fuhua Zhai is a Professor at Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service and a Research Associate at Columbia Population Research Center. His research interests include early childhood education, early interventions, child maltreatment and child welfare, cultural values and childrearing practices, and cross-national child and family policies and programs. His work has been supported by multiple research grants and published in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of developmental psychology, economics, social policy, education, demography, and social work. 

Research Interests

  • Early childhood education and developmental outcomes
  • Impacts of early interventions and school environment
  • Child maltreatment and child welfare
  • Cultural values, child rearing practices, and child wellbeing
  • Cross-national studies on child and family policies
  • Experimental and statistical research methods
Columbia Affiliations
China Center for Social Policy