Jing Guo



Jing Guo is an Associate Professor in the Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work (MBT SSW), an affiliated faculty in the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She received her Ph.D. in social welfare from the University of California, Berkeley, and MA in social welfare from Peking University, China. Dr. Guo serves as the Ph.D. program Chair and the policy sequence Chair for the BSW and MSW programs in MBT SSW. She also leads the MBT SSW international initiatives in China. She is a member of the CSWE Council on Global Learning and Practice (2017-2020).

Research Interests

Dr. Guo’s research centers on 1) comparative family policy, in relation to work-family balance, gender equality, and child development; 2) population migration, acculturation, and child well-being, particularly focusing on Asian Americans; and 3) social policy and social services in China. In the area of comparative family policy, her work has been cross-national, covering the traditional Western welfare states and newly developed East Asian countries. One of the current projects is the impact of one-child policy reform on female employment in China. For population migration research, Dr. Guo studied rural to urban migration in China and published several peer-reviewed journal articles analyzing migrant child educational performance in light of family and school characteristics. Recently, collaborating with Qin Gao of Columbia University and Fuhua Zhai of Fordham University, Dr. Guo has conducted a study analyzing cultural values, childrearing practices, and child maltreatment among Asian immigrant families in Hawaii, supported by a grant from the Lois and Samuel Silberman Fund.

Columbia Affiliations
China Center for Social Policy