China Center for Social Policy Hosts Career Planning Panel for Chinese International Students

Xinyu Xia
May 11, 2022

On April 15, 2022, the China Center for Social Policy hosted a career planning panel of Columbia School of Social Work (CSSW) alumni and current Chinese international students to share their experiences in pursuing Ph.D. programs and applying for jobs in both the US and China. Panelists included alumni Qin Sun, Yingning Wang, and Shu Zeng, and current student Haizhen Li. Second-year master’s student Hanna Wang served as the moderator.

The first presenter was Yingning Wang, who is a Psy.D. Candidate at the Department of Psychology at Roosevelt University. She introduced the differences between Psy.D. and Ph.D. programs in the US and advised that pursuing a Ph.D. is a big decision. Yingning reflected that the CSSW Writing Center has great resources to help students who plan to apply for Ph.D. programs to organize and write research proposals. She also mentioned that time management is an important skill, particularly for those whose Ph.D. program is part-time and having work obligations that also have serious time demands.

Shu Zeng pursued the Social Enterprise Administration method area while at CSSW and currently serves as a Development Director at Community Counseling and Mediation (CCM). Shu shared some useful information about how to transition from a F1 visa to OPT (Optional Practice Training) and H1B visa for international students who want to pursue employment in the US.

Qin Sun is currently a Geriatric Care Specialist at Hamilton-Madison House (Hamilton-Madison House Citywide Caregiver Services Program). She provides culturally sensitive care and support to caregivers and their families in New York City. Qin introduced the process of registering and preparing for the LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker) exam in New York State and New Jersey. She also showed her great passion for aging and gerontology and is dedicated to promoting well-being of older adults and their caregivers.

Haizhen Li is a second-year graduate student at CSSW with a concentration in Social Enterprise Administration. She already obtained a job offer from JD. Com’s Management Trainee Programs. Haizhen shared the timeline and tips for the job searching process in China based on her experience, including how to prepare for job interviews and the importance of storytelling. She emphasized that storytelling is a powerful tool and we need to weave it into job applications.

Many CSSW Chinese international students attended this event and engaged in a Q and A with the panelists. Participants described the panel to be informative and helpful for their planning for future career paths.

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