New Article Calls for Action against COVID-19-Related Anti-Asian Racial Discrimination

Tianyi Liu
January 15, 2021

Racial discrimination against people of Chinese and other Asian ethnicities has risen sharply in number and severity globally amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In a new publication in the journal International Social Work, Qin Gao and Xiaofang Liu review the prevalence and consequences of anti-Asian racial discrimination during COVID-19 and call for action in practice, policy, and research to stand against it.

Qin Gao, Professor and Director of the Columbia China Center for Social Policy, said that this essay was inspired by both personal experiences of racial discrimination and her role as a co-investigator in the ongoing research project, the New York City Longitudinal Survey of Wellbeing, at the Columbia Population Research Center. Xiaofang Liu is a fellow of the China Center and a Survey Coordinator for the Chinese oversample of the New York City Longitudinal Survey of Wellbeing Study.

The authors call for action at individual, organizational, and societal levels to provide timely and effective practice, policy, and research responses. They urge people to speak up, develop best practices, advocate for policies and programs, and build a coalition to address racism and racial discrimination in all forms and toward any group or individual.

Read the article here.

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