Professor Rong Zhao Discusses Gender Discrimination in the Workplace in China from Global Comparative Perspectives

Tianyi Liu
October 09, 2020

How does gender-based discrimination play out in the workplace? What are the overt and covert forms of gender discrimination existing in the Chinese and Western societies? What have been done and what more need to be done to address this profound inequality that has held generations of women back in gaining independence and equal rights? 

In a public lecture on September 30, 2020, Rong Zhao, Assistant Professor of Social Work at Hunter College, City University of New York, and faculty associate of the Columbia China Center for Social Policy, offered an in-depth analysis of how gender discrimination in the workplace is related to the state-led patriarchal society that purposefully restricts women in the domestic world. Dr. Zhao also discussed what kind of social policies are needed to address this pressing issue and suggested several strategies that individual women may adopt to mitigate the negative influences of gender discrimination on their career development. 

You can watch the video of this lecture here. This lecture was moderated by Qin Gao, Professor and Director of the Columbia China Center for Social Policy, which co-hosted the lecture with the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

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