Professor Xi Chen Discusses Educational Policies and Healthy Aging in China

March 19, 2021

Existing research has demonstrated that increased education of children can lead to better cognitive status and aging trajectories of parents. On February 26, 2021, Professor Xi Chen, an Associate Professor of Health Policy and Economics at Yale University, presented the latest findings on the relationship between education and healthy aging in China.

In the talk, Professor Chen introduced their team’s studies on how education and other life course determinants drive healthy aging. In particular, Professor Chen presented a new study, in which they made use of across-province as well as within-province variations in education policy reforms. They found that children’s education can help improve cognitive skills and the healthy aging of their parents.

You can watch the video of this lecture here. This lecture was moderated by Qin Gao, Professor, and Director of the Columbia China Center for Social Policy, which co-hosted the lecture with the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

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